Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Play Dough

Alrighty! Here's the first photo of my play dough kit. This one is "Space Traveler" and includes Mars Red, Galactic Blue, Spaceship Gray, Golden Sun, and Stellar White. The orange was made by combining the yellow and red. I'm sure you could make other shades with other color combos but I haven't tried yet. Need to figure out a price still and finish the packaging (they will be shipped in little recycled plastic Gerber containers so I want to cover their logo with a label that names the colors) Also, I made this batch back at the end of May and it's still good (it's been in the tubs and sitting at room temperature since then) I want to see how it handles if left out. It's made with all food products except for the gray and white which I added a non-toxic color additive to.(safe for kids!! although I wouldn't recommend eating it, YUCK!!! smells better than it tastes!!)