Friday, June 13, 2008

our little squirt!

So the little one turns 1 in a month. He loves Nemo(we think because he loves orange) and has both Nemo and Squirt plush from the Disney Store. Squirt seems to be his buddy, we take him everywhere (I actually panicked once and even called daddy at work because I couldn't find him when we were getting ready to leave one day. After looking everywhere, I found him under the floor of the pack n play!!!) Anyway, this was the invitation I came up with for his party (since they don't seem to make any with Squirt) I'm going to make his cake with a Nemo theme, get balloons in orange and ocean blue and of course get all the cute party supplies with Nemo et al. If the cake comes out nicely I'll post photos of it and instructions, too!