Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Big Day

Well, it's a big day for my little boy. He's getting his first haircut :-( I was trying to wait til his first birthday but he never lost his newborn hair and it's been hanging in his eyes for over a month now.
My husband has been complaining about it for a few months and I kept saying 1 year, first cut 1 year. Well, it's 11 months and quite honestly, people keep calling him 'her'. friend Dee is cutting his hair today (Dee is not only my friend but the best hairstylist in the entire world, I should know because she's been cutting my hair for 20 years!!) My big argument with getting his hair cut before one year was why make the boy conform to society at such a young age, he'll be required to look and act a certain way soon enough.... I still feel that way and when he's 16 and wants a purple mohawk, and his father says no, well I'll fight for his right to express himself then.
It's just hair and it'll grow out eventually! I should know(and so does Dee!) I did some wacky things to my head and I look pretty darn normal now...depressingly normal now....I'll have to do something about that!! Hi my name is Kelly and you may not be able to tell by looking at me but I'm a non-conformist and darn proud of it! Have a splendid day!!