Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hungry Deer Will Eat Anything

Here is our 2011 Gingerbread House. 
It was just made from a kit, perhaps next year I will feel more inspired to make one from scratch. I've been staring at it for 2 months now. Occasionally, the little one would steal a piece of candy off of it and eat it. For the most part it just sat and collected dust. So I decided it was time to get rid of it. I always put off the disposal of food like products because it seems like such a waste. Then I had a thought. 
We have an overabundance of deer in our neighborhood. So much so that we recently have seen a larger than normal number of car meet deer accidents, a local vigilante stalking and killing them illegally in the middle of the night and the city council talking of culling the deer population. In the meantime, they are hungry, eating anything they can find, including confused sprouts.(As mentioned yesterday, we have had an inordinately warm and snow free winter) Why not, then, put the food like product, the gingerbread house, out to see if, in fact, the deer would eat it.

I had hoped to find part of the foundation or crumbs but we have nothing left and it snowed last night so any tell tale crumbs are currently blanketed. I'll keep my eyes open for any remnants in the neighborhood. While it isn't the healthiest of offerings to the neighborhood deer, at least they have a little something in their tummies today. I feel much better than just throwing it in the garbage dumpster. ( I'm sure I drive the neighbors nuts as I throw out our apple peels, cores and other tasty trimmings from our veggies and fruits for the wildlife. No doubt they would prefer I throw them in the dumpster. Oh well, in a couple months I will put them into the composter! Once it's built that is:o)
Now I must go and enjoy our snowstorm. 
It's not all that impressive but at least it is snow and I have missed it so!

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