Friday, February 10, 2012

A New Start

newest primrose - unusual coloring and it smells delightful!
What a winter we've had (not). So little snow this winter really has me in a funk. I know, what an odd bird to be sad about a snow-less winter but my little one and I enjoy playing in the snow. That and I'm itching to start gardening but I know, being in the climate we are in, that that could be a huge mistake. As soon as I would plant something it will snow like it has never snowed before.
Hmmmm, that's a thought!

So I wait. 
I have my vegetable garden planned. I will be starting some seeds soon and need to build a couple new raised beds to accommodate the rest of our veggies. Then there is the fence that needs to be put up around all of our delectables. The deer and other critters will have a feast if I don't erect a fence. Unfortunately, it is too muddy when the temperature is right for building and when the ground is solid, it is frozen completely. Neither state works to place posts. Thus, my frustration with this winter builds. 

In the meantime, school has started. I'm taking a marketing class and am writing a marketing plan for Busy Little Elf. It is nice to be able to think about why I started the business and where I would like to take it in the future. As things come to completion I am sure you will hear about them. For instance, I am working on my packaging. I would like it to be consistent and of a level of quality that my other competitors don't offer. I am looking at what makes my elves different than other craftsman's elves and how they can can stand out from the rest. I have been working on new elf designs, many of them are very Mid-Century inspired, and hope to put together kits for people to personalize their own elves at home. 

 I just registered my little one for Kindergarten.
I found out that he will be in school for about 6 hours everyday, Monday through Friday. I am not looking forward to the silence. I was always okay with silence before I was married, I reveled in my alone time but now things are just different. Often, my little bug is my inspiration. It is not always a direct inspiration. Sometimes it is just me being relaxed in his presence that spurs on the creativity. But surely I will be able to get more accomplished than I have of late. (Perhaps even be consistent again with my blog posting.) And maybe my house will actually be able to be cleaned properly. When the boys are home it's like picking up after small hurricanes. And I'm already a whirling dervish myself, strewing arts and craft supplies throughout the house behind me. 
So a neat house will be nice. But I will still miss my bug.

A new start is in the offing. 
For now, I will just sit in anticipation and dread. A healthy dose of both. Knowing that it will be better than I can even imagine while more difficult than nearly anything experienced. 
I will fill my time with planning and gardening and making cute little creatures. 
After I make the most of my unlimited access to the bug. (of course!)

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