Friday, August 19, 2011

In the Garden - A Few Firsts.

First Chrysanthemum
First ears of popcorn setting

First tomato plant to produce ripe fruit

First peppers added to homemade chili (Marconi, Serrano and Gypsy peppers)

First Yellow swallowtail captured on our butterfly bush. She visits daily. We also have a black swallowtail, monarch and hummingbird that visit daily.
Sadly, the neighborhood deer took a couple bites out of the Cherokee purple tomato that I was watching out my kitchen window so I had to wrap everything up. They also ate all the tomatoes off my container tomato plant (grrrr, they were almost ripe) and knocked off all the peppers, didn't eat them just knocked them off.

Luckily, the grape tomatoes are very prolific, I've been making a tomato salad with balsamic dressing nearly daily. YUM!

The chrysanthemum plants are looking amazing this year. They are fuller than I can believe and just loaded with buds. So excited to see them start exploding with color!

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