Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Are you a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?

Halloween is quickly approaching. I've already missed my opportunity to add Halloween or fall pieces to my shop but do need to make a costume for the small boy.

My son is obsessed with the Wizard of Oz and for the past few weeks he told me he wanted to be the Tin Man. Since he is 4 and rather fickle, I ask him about every third day as I ponder a plan for how to construct his costume. Today, when I do my 'verification of Halloween costume', he informs me he wants to be the scarecrow...... alrighty then, change of plan, now I start to develop a plan for the scarecrow.

In reality, I will devise a costume for both characters and wait until I have just enough time to finish them before I even start construction. He's allowed to be fickle, he's 4 (yes, I continue to remind myself of this fact as I write), but now I realize why the past couple of years I just broke down and bought his costume. Ah, the joy of motherhood! :o)

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Amanda said...

I feel your pain - my daughter has told me she wants to be a butterfly, a peacock and a cat. I ask her once a week and it changes between the three. I am trying to make it so she can be all three a butterpeacat but she isn't buying it.

Good luck :)
Manda :)