Monday, May 23, 2011

In the Garden - First Poppy Edition

Oriental Poppy
This plant may have been from a seed planting as it was suppose to be a 'Princess Louise' which is a pinkish color. Obviously, this is not pink but it sure is pretty. Poppies might well be the only flower I would take in any hue :o)

I am enthralled by these flowers.
They only last for a couple weeks each year, so temporary,
but they make my heart sing whenever I see them.

Note: new shutter color highlights the lush green of the plants. It also makes the yellow of the house read more of a cream color.

Another seed planting. What color will this poppy be?

So many buds. Bear with me.
I will surely take many photos and at least a couple of the entire flower bed when in full bloom.

Now this poppy from seed(above) may well end up having the 'Princess Louise' coloring. Note the hairs on the bud are a different color on this particular poppy.

Lest we not forget the other flowers in my garden that are budding.
Heuchera(Coral Bells) (above)

Digitalis (Foxglove)


Unknown Lily (no bud yet, will we ever know what this is?)

Dianthus(Fire Witch)

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Anonymous said...

Lovely poppy! Mine is just starting to bud...can't wait for the blooms :) Thank you for sharing your garden pictures with us...can't wait to see all your stuff blooming :)