Saturday, May 14, 2011

Garden Gnome Update - The Painting Continues

The card spray is finished except for the 3 - D cards.
SO happy to be done painting itty bitty cards. Love the result but I think I need to add a couple more shadows.

The 3-D cards and potion bottle are missing but, for the most part,
this scene is finished.

Wasn't happy with a white shirt and not happy with a red shirt. This guy may or may not change his shirt before the end. Needs a little work on his face and the roses being painted red but finished other than that. By the way, the gnomes jacket looks like it's burgundy velvet at a distance. His pants are black.

Thought this scene was complete except for the grass but then I looked closely and noticed a few areas that need some work. Not far from finished.

As I went through these photos I realized areas I thought were finished really weren't. Oh well, at least what is left is minor in comparison to what I've done. On today's agenda: finishing the base of Sir Gnome. As soon as the details are done I can attach the caterpillar. If I finish this up early, I'll work on the "smoke". I am hoping to finish up the entire body of the gnome by the end of tonight. Tomorrow will be spent working on the hat (hopefully!)


Donna said...


hoffee and a nuffin said...

You are AMAZING! Everything looks great! :)

debbieluttrell said...

Kelly, this is amazing!

elf said...

Thank You! I always wait 'til I'm done to get excited but I'm beginning to feel excited! :o)

The Cat From Hell said...

Gosh! He is coming along famously! I can't wait to see a full body shot!
Nellie's Mom