Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Garden Gnome Progress - The Painting Continues

The Queen of Hearts
All the colors and details are laid in. Obviously, I have to keep reapplying the gold and red paint, paint the hedgehog and add details to the flamingo but she isn't too far from being finished. I love the way she is coming along.


White Rabbit
This guy shouldn't take too long to finish. I went a little crazy on the red queen's dress so I didn't have good enough light last night to get further on this. No part is even close to complete but I can't wait to get back to him, especially his eyes, that's when they really come to life!

The Playing Cards
WOW! This is a project in itself. Note: I'm just laying in the cards. They will be painted over in white and then repainted. Long process but looking pretty good so far. I'm so glad I bought a bunch of tiny brushes!

Sorry I'm a day late on my Gnome update. I was madly painting all day and night yesterday and, by the time I had anything to share, it was too dark to take any photos. It's raining today so the photos aren't the greatest (I actually had to use a flash) but they give you some idea of where I'm at. Last week was a bust for making progress on the gnome since I was writing papers, reading textbooks and studying for tests but I started working on the back of the gnome and headway is being made.(On the school front, one class is finished and two regular classes and a final remain for the other class.)

I have plenty of time to finish the gnome and still hope to finish him well before the deadline. I'm budgeting about a full day for each scene, most won't take that long but it gives me time to nitpick. The Mad Hatter scene and playing card spray are very detailed so those will probably take about two days each if not a little longer. Plenty of time though. Most of the scenes are relatively close to complete, I just want to go back in after the background is put in and add more details. By the next update, Sir Gnome should be pretty close to complete. Back to work I go! :o)

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