Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Latest WIP (Warning: Image Heavy)

Happy Snowday!

Here is the new angel design. Much simpler, it really highlights the halo, face and wings.

I embed glass beads into the glue that adheres the halos to the angel's head.
All about the details!

A visual hodgepodge! My first show of the season is this weekend so I have new angels, paper clay ornaments and snowmen. I have also been working on making price tags. I find those little white things they sell rather distasteful and unappealing, so I am making my own. I hope it will look more pulled together than those little white buggers. In the past, I loathed these so much that I didn't use any( I do like to talk to folks!) and learned that that is an awful idea. Some folks don't want to talk to you, they want to check out your prices. So this year and in coming years, I will use and reuse my little price tags.I printed out little blue price points (above) on the same background image as my business card with my business font, cut them out with a paper punch, attached them to a piece of pretty red card stock, punched them out with the punch again and added a little white snowflake to the solid red back. On one side, a little snowflake/peppermint, on the other a lovely price all dangling from a little silver thread. I know, a lot of work but I'm weird like that. It's the little details that get me every time. :o)

The First Star

First finished Gingerbread man.
There are a few more that I'm working on today that are even cuter!

A portrait shot of the first snowman

I got a little carried away on this guys scarf but he's very cute and it's very fitting.:o)

I have so many other things that are nearing completion but that will have to wait until another day or maybe next week, I do have price tags to finish :o)


GobbleGoo's By Trish said...

oh my I am so happy I came across your blog. Absolutly adorable creations! Love them.


elf said...

Thank You Trish!