Thursday, September 9, 2010

Newest WIP

I have been on a roll, creatively speaking, and since the energy usually doesn't flow this freely, I've been taking full advantage of it while it does. I also have a table full of pieces that need to be sculpted. As soon as I finish them or run out of paper clay, whichever comes first, I will start painting. Then, after those are all finished and listed, I have to make a display tree for my upcoming shows and start working on my elf ornaments. An elf's work is never done :o)


Walk in the Woods said...

You *are* on a roll! Very cute … I look forward to seeing them painted!

elf said...

Thanks! Me too!

ExcellCrafts said...

Oh wow, those happy face snowflakes are so clever and cute! please take 'after' pics! also wanted to let you know I'm following you publicly on my blog and will prolly link to you (if that's ok?)...planning on doing 'fave blogs' blog post...say that ten times really fast, lol :)
( )

elf said...

Thank You Jenna!I will definitely take after photos(might be a little while since I'm working on Fall Cleaning and other trivial things around the ole homestead this week!)I'm following you now also and linking is absolutely fine. I'll be updating my sidebar soon and will add your blog to my list! Love your apron tutorial!