Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Latest Pretties from My Garden

Deer do eat Chrysanthemums! These survived the hungry deer only because of the netting (which makes it a little difficult to deadhead but at least I have blossoms)

My little one and I planted these old marigold seeds very late in the season. I didn't think they would grow(they were about three years old) but we are actually getting flowers!


Walk in the Woods said...

So, so pretty! Once again - thanks for sharing the beauty of your world with all of us.

BTW - I believe the Chrysanthemums are Dalias. :)

elf said...

Thanks! They really are mums, I get them from a nursery up here called Bluestone Perennials. These particular one's are called "bold Venture". I have another football mum called "homecoming" but the deer are finding that one particularly tasty.

I do love dahlias but would have to pull the tubers every year in our area and the last time I tried growing them I ended up killing them(never got around to storing the tubers properly:() Mums are easy, just plant them and pinch them back early. Next year I protect them from the hungry deer!

Anonymous said...

Lovely as usual! Disappointing to have to net up some of the blooms, but what else are you gonna do?

Walk in the Woods said...

No kiddin'! Well, by any name they're beautiful! :D

Poetic Shutterbug said...

I adore your garden. Those cone flowers are so gorgeous. Great shots.