Wednesday, July 1, 2009

More Garden Photos

My Calendula's first bloom!
(for those of you who have followed the progress of my garden, these were started from seed)

Ruby Star Coneflower

Sunset Coneflower


White Coneflower with a little visitor



My first Pandora's Box Daylily bloom of the year

Siloam Doodlebug Daylily

Garden Phlox with Yellow Daylilies


PJ said...

again, beautiful pictures! do you think you could take pics of the whole garden? i would love to see it all put together.

elf said...

As soon as my husband mows the lawn!It's been raining a lot here over the past week so the lawn is out of control! Also, the flowers are scattered between different beds so I would want to wait until a bed looks nice otherwise you'll just see a big mass of green! The bed with the coneflowers, hydrangea, phlox and yellow daylilies looks nice right now so I'll try to take photos of that soon.

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

These are gorgeous!!

Icy BC said...

So beautiful! I love to take pictures when the buds are just starting out, and the end of the flower's life..

PJ said...

that sounds great! i am looking forward to it.

Grampy said...

The garden photos are looking good. I'm jealous.

Tammy said...

I love flowers. Great photographs.

gourdshine said...

so wonderful... i love the hydrangea! It looks almost surrreal..

Ana said...

You have such a beautiful garden. I love all the treasures you capture. Working on it must be very rewarding.