Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Garden Walk

This sunflower was suppose to be apricot with a brown center
I'm highly disappointed!(at least the birds won't be)


Squash blossom

Baby Squash

My first tomato taking shape

Black-eyed Susan Vine
I love the variety of colors that these put out on just one vine!

My garden is getting to a quiet place! My daylilies are finishing up their colorful display. The Pandora's Box daylily will probably send more flowers up later in the season but the others are finished. The Four O'clocks are going strong as are the Nasturtium. A couple of the foxglove refuse to die but most of my flowers are resting for next year.


Poetic Shutterbug said...

How glorious nature is in full bloom. Your photos are lovely.

Theresa said...

Great photos, lovely photos! Hope you have a big freezer for all the squash. My mother used to grow it and she had to put in a huge freezer in the garage.

Shinade aka Jackie said...

What a joy to visit and see your wonderful garden and beautiful photos of these marvelous flowers!

Awesome shots, thanks for sharing!

Stacie said...

Your garden is beautiful. The daisies are my favorite.

Anonymous said...

About the sunflowers... they are beautiful as they are. Look at it from another lens. You would be surprised with what you see. :)

The photos are beautiful.

Daisy said...

i find it so lovely walking thru a garden and finding daisies! ;-)

Passing by to drop some EC love!


CastleberryAntiques said...

The photos are just lovely!! Your yard must be incredible.

Mom said...

These are such wonderful pictures - A perfect find for my rainy day.