Monday, July 13, 2009

An Elf's Story

Once upon a time there was a busy little elf that made stuff. She made lots of stuff, out of all sorts of things and her materials started taking over the little cottage she shared with her busy little toddler and her even busier husband.

Then came the littlest one's birthday and of course they had to celebrate. So Mama Elf worked diligently to gather up all her projects that were strewn about the house and stuffed them securely in her seldom used studio space. Oh, what a mess she made! It was made worse by the fact that she had to remove the big table she used for crafting and photography (when she actually was able to work in there). She looked at her mess and, not wanting to scare or offend any of her guests, she quietly shut the door. Now, what most people didn't know was the door was booby trapped so no one could ever snoop around without detection in that magically messy room.

Anyway, the day for the littlest one's birthday party came and fun was had by all. While the elf family was outside celebrating and enjoying spending time with elven friends and family, an intruder sprite must have infiltrated their home (it had to be a naughty sprite because elves and their friends generally don't wander behind closed doors without being invited to do so) So the sprite skulked into the busy little elf's studio, for what reason we will never know, but the damage was done.

The booby trapped door wasn't shut correctly and one of the elf's cats, obviously mesmerized by the magical piles of artsy stuff piled around the perimeter of the room was even more mesmerized by the magical Christmas tree that the elf used to take pictures of the various ornaments she made throughout the year. In his spellbound state, he must have jumped onto the hill of supplies that it was perched, bringing it crashing to the floor.

While cleaning up after the festivities, the tired little elf family made their way back inside their home to return all of their party supplies to their proper places. When they went upstairs they found the door to the magical mess wide open and a pile of broken ornaments, some from previous lifetimes, shattered on the little elf's shaggy rug. Mama Elf was so sad and Papa Elf, being the diligent soul he is, assessed the damage and separated the broken ornaments from the ones that could be saved. He return the tree to the upright position and then they went back downstairs, sat down on the sofa and wondered how they could ever stop those naughty little sprites from sticking their noses behind closed elven doors.


PJ said...

oh my no! those naughty little sprites are very sneaky. i hope there wasn't too much damage.

Rose Works Jewelry said...

That's a sad, sad story :(

Ann said...

Bad sprites. Too bad about the ornaments. Love the way you told the story though.

WillOaks Studio said...

That is quite tragic!! A very nice fairy tale, tho...oops, it's all true? Time for a better lock on that special door?