Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Tree 2013

 Every year, the first weekend after Thanksgiving, we make our way out to the country to our favorite tree farm. Rhodes Sister's Christmas Tree farm is in Huntsburg, Ohio about 45 minutes from our home. This year it took a bit longer since I turned too soon and took a slight scenic detour. I managed to right the ship and found our way easily after the initial mistake. It was a busy day and all the wagons were taken by the time we arrived. We trekked to the area where the Canaan's were planted. Without fail,we found a beauty, a 6 1/2 foot Canaan Fir. This year we found our perfect tree (which the hubs always says will be too small but always ends up perfect:), cut it down, had it shook and baled all within an hour. Not too shabby, we must be becoming pros at this! 

These are the best photos from that day.

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