Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Anniversary Busy Little Elf!

I totally missed *our* 5th anniversary! It was five years yesterday that I became joined with the name *Busy Little Elf*. For whatever reason, I have always felt like this business entity was a separate being and that I am married to it. As if the *elf* had it's own life, and in a way it does.

Wow! Have I grown as a person and an artist being linked to this name and this business. I've had ups and I've had downs. I have had quite a few struggles but I've also created some incredible pieces that I didn't realize I had in me!

I have met so many lovely and incredible people. I feel so honored and blessed to have been accepted and encouraged by all of you dear folks over the past five years. Thank You for your support and encouragement!

Here's to another 5 years!


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Anonymous said...

Wow, congrats to you!