Monday, October 18, 2010

A Fabulous Fall Weekend

All summer long, I anxiously await autumn's arrival. This year, with all the added heat, it seemed to take ever so long to get to my favorite time of the year. From October to February is my all-time favorite time of the year. Now mind you for whatever reason my years run from August 23 to August 22. (August 23 is not only my birthday but when school typically started.) My spirit just naturally accepts that as a calendar year.

Anyway, we had an awesome weekend. The weather was clear and cool. On Saturday, we went to the Greenway Corridor in the morning(photos from my previous post) and attended a Haunted Hayride at Lake Metroparks Farmpark in the evening. The little one loved it and he even got to go down the slide in the dark(a big highlight of his life to date). On Sunday, my little one and I went on an adventure to old graveyards, train tracks and trestles, and even a haunted house. I wanted to take photos of the foliage and what better subjects than those above. After our adventure we started our errands and before we could get what we needed at Home Depot, I found an injured sparrow in the entryway. I caught him and my little one and I raced the little bird to Penitentiary Glen's nature center to see if he could be saved. The lady told me that he was on his way out:o( The only downside to our weekend) Next time I will just take the little bird home and try to nurse it back to health myself. We raised my spirits by going to the pumpkin patch and picking out a pumpkin!

Needless to say, playing outside all weekend means I got nowhere on my projects so that is what is on today's agenda: Painting paperclay ornaments, photographing said ornaments and making a batch of homemade paperclay for my giant elves *remodel*. If all goes well, a post of my productivity should happen sometime tomorrow. In the meantime, go outside and enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes you need to get nothing done though, glad you had a lovely weekend!