Friday, May 28, 2010

Now Appearing in My Garden

Same as last week! But it's amazing how much they grow when it's balmy outside. It's been near 90 all week with night temperatures in the mid 60's. Thank Goodness for gardens. I couldn't tolerate the heat if I didn't have something to tend to and admire.

Temperatures are going to be more bearable for me over the next couple of days so I am hoping to get out there and do some *remodeling*. There are some HUGE daylilies that I hope to divide and relocate. With such a small garden space, I need to maximize the plants that share the space. I haven't decided yet but I will either relocate them to the side of the house or top of the drive (blocking the pooch's pooping place:o). Either way we will have to create a small strip of garden space but they should be happy being divided and given more room to grow. Granted, it's not the optimal time to divide daylilies but if it doesn't happen now it never will. :o)

Also this week, I found we are being attacked by slime mold in the front flower bed. If you didn't know, these slime molds, also called dog vomit fungus (which gives you a lovely image of what it actually looks like since I'm not taking photos:o) often occur in gardens that are deeply mulched (3+ inches). I would imagine we won't have the same outbreak next year since I use mulch more decoratively and only put down about an inch and a half or so over newspaper to help cut down on weeds.

So there you have it. I hope to share some of my works in progress. There are many and I need to take the time to photograph their progress. Have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend to those in the States.


Poetic Shutterbug said...

What a gorgeous garden. Your flowers are so healthy and beautiful, though I didn't need to hear of the slime mold :D Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

elf said...

Hey, at least I didn't photograph the slime mold!;o) We are blessed with some of the best growing soil in the country. The city I currently live in was once known as the 'rose capital of the nation' because they had many horticulturist developing rosebushes. We still have good nurseries East of here but few left in town.