Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Fantail Goldfish: Snowball

Meet Snowball!

I've been working on new elf sculptures but in the meantime we had to move my poor neglected goldfish out of my studio and into the living room. At first she was a little wary of her new surroundings but today she seems much happier to be part of *society* and is joyfully swimming around her new space. Now I have more room to store art stuff and Snowball will have a cleaner environment since we can access and clean her tank on a more regular basis. (if you remember we had a small disaster with her tank a few months back when I accidentally cracked her tank with that track ball you see in the last picture)

She is a trooper and while my husband doesn't understand why I love my goldfish(he's more of a tropical fish guy and goldfish are dirty:oP) all I can say is she makes me happy. I love to watch her swim, her fins gracefully moving through the water. Goldfish are social fish and interact with their owners(at least mine always have) plus they really are pretty low maintenance [dirty tanks aside (they do poop A LOT!)you don't need to make sure the water is perfect, the right temperature, etc just cleaned every now and again) They are relatively hardy and rarely get sick. Plus...*bonus*... they are pretty inexpensive (I think Snowball cost around $2 and was pretty large when we got her) And there are so many varieties. I personally like the fantails, but that's me. If we had a huge tank I would experiment but since we don't, I'll stick to my fantails!

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Poetic Shutterbug said...

She is a real beauty and I can see why she makes you so happy.