Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Finally!! I Feel Inspired!

So, obviously I've been enthralled by my garden as of late. Part of the reason has been that I haven't been very inspired to create. I don't know if the umpteen orders of play dough over the holidays did me in or if I was just in a slump but I do know I finally feel like producing artistic creations(for lack of a better term).

I have an idea for a series of paintings, primarily for my son's room as he is almost 2 now and probably needs a big boy room instead of a nursery! I still have to research my idea a bit but once I have some sketches, I'll share the theme. I think it will be very cute and the transition from nursery to big boy room will be rather easy. I even have the next room theme picked out although no guarantee he will want it when the time comes:o)

I also finally came up with an idea for the baby food jars [photo]. This is a rough idea. I'm thinking they will work well for tealights, party favors filled with candies, vase, whatever... I had a little baby food jar full of lily of the valley and realized that I never see small vases that I like, so there you go the birth of an idea. Not necessarily that original but an idea nonetheless! It's all in the execution anyway if you ask me! Of course, the above example is not very well executed but it was me playing with new supplies. I'll keep you posted with the progression of this project also.

So off I go to work on creating things. Have an Awesome Day!

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