Saturday, May 16, 2009

Christmas Tree Skirt: Year 2

I've been working on my family Christmas Tree skirt for over a year now(I am a month or so into year two) So, how's it coming along? I'm about halfway done making the mints that encircle it. They are all hand cut and sewn and once all the peppermint stripes are sewn on each individual mint, I will arrange them on the border and sew them into place.
It is a very large tree skirt (about 60 inches) so it will take at least 50 peppermints to finish it. Doing the math that is 300 peppermint stripes cut out and sewn. WOW!! You'd think I'd be able to finish it faster!!

BTW- The white hair on there isn't Santa's, it's from Tinkerbell (AKA the dinkus) I caught her dinky little butt sleeping on it one afternoon last week!


Lin said...

I hand applique and quilt, so I know the hard work you are doing. Don't be discouraged--just keep plugging away and soon, you'll have them all done!! And you will forever remember how much work it took you!
I'll bet you never eat peppermints again after this project! :)

elf said...

LOL, Actually, I love peppermints, it was part of the reason I chose them.[Maybe this is sick and twisted but I actually eat them while sewing:O)] The other part is it links back to my favorite Christmas decorations when I was a child. Thanks for the support, I got very discouraged for awhile, it seemed like it was taking forever. Now that I've hit the halfway point I feel like I'll be able to finish by this Christmas. I just hope my little one will appreciate it as he gets older(or his future wife since boys really don't care,LOL)

Nancy said...

It is very festive and adorable -- I too used to hand quilt and sew and it is time consuming, but well worth the end result! Love to see it under your tree.