Monday, September 1, 2008

Where the name 'busy little elf' came from

We recently had a post on our CafeMom Etsy mom forum asking where we came up with our business names and thought I would share my answer here on the blog. (Just in case you ever wondered!) Here was my response:

I was working in retail at Christmas. Something I had done for 20 years but this time I was a manager at a MediaPlay that was liquidating.Working for a store that was going out of business was something I had never experienced and at Christmas, I think an even worse experience. I watched people grasping for anything they could buy cheaply so that their kids could be indulged at the holiday while all the kids that worked for me were faced with losing their jobs. At one of the absolute lowest points in my career, I had an idea for a book about a jaded Christmas elf who wonders if it is all worth it. So The name"Busy Little Elf" is the working title for that book, I had to shelf the idea for a little while since I proceeded to get pregnant and moved shortly after starting it. I decided to use it as my business name, especially since my long range plan involves a family friendly Christmas tree farm and spectacle(holiday activities, sleigh rides, window displays,etc.).

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