Sunday, September 21, 2008

Phew!16 Pounds of Play Dough!

I’ve been MIA because of a large order of play dough I had to get out in a week. As we speak, 16 pounds of fairy dust play dough are making their way across the country enroute to Beverly Hills for a very lucky little girl’s 3rd birthday party! And my arms are tired!!! (HA HA! Not because I’m flying it there!!) I made 11 batches of play dough in 4 days and then glitterized it and stuffed it into 40 tubs. (My little one glitterized himself and the living room! Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!) I thought the labels would be the most tedious part but they weren’t, it was the color blending! Even the glitter part and stuffing play dough into tubs wasn’t as bad!

Ay Carumba!

At least now I know. But it was fun. And I got to spend the week in the kitchen for the most part, the rest of the house is a mess but…..;o)

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