Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's been awhile!

It's been a pretty hectic week for me! My 40th Birthday was Saturday, no special plans, my mom came out and took us to dinner and bought me a nice gift. My husband and I argued about things that never should have come up on my birthday and that he just can't drop once he gets fixated(a long story that has to do with a waste of human flesh that he for some unbeknown reason tangled himself up with and a legal battle that is absolutely corrupt and ludicrous!!)My little one scared the begeezus out of me when he fell off the couch, almost choked on an animal cracker, went limp and then came back to normal!! I told him he is never allowed to scare mommy like that again!!! I've been trying to keep up with all 3 blogs, my astrology group, 2 businesses, my holiday window proposal all while trying to keep the house somewhat in order!! I've introduced Halloween Play Dough(busy little elf) and Gingerbread Cookie ornaments (busy little Christmas elf). I've been working on mostly Christmas things since I've just been accepted to do a juried craft show the first weekend in December.

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