Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Coming Soon!

I've been feeling a bit under the weather these past few days, some sort of icky bug that appears to have bitten both myself and the little one. Nonetheless, I had to post something, it's much too easy to put it off indefinitely and I don't want to get into a complacency trap this early in the year (just because I've posted a few weeks in a row doesn't mean that will continue if I don't hold myself accountable!). Therefore, I have decided to let you know a little about what's in the works. I mostly post this info as it happens on my Facebook Page but why not here?

On deck, a how-to book for the felt candy ornaments: I have started writing and illustrating the directions for each of the felt candy ornaments. It will be self published through Lulu and I will let you know when it is finished. The prefab candy ornament kits will also make it to my etsy shop around the same time. They will come with just about everything you need to make them at home with the most tedious steps finished for you. Basically sew, stuff and sew some more and *voila!* an ornament.

Magic Santa Keys: A wonderful artist gave me this idea, she was using some old skeleton keys she had laying around and adding skulls and jack o lantern heads to them. I had these skeleton keys laying around so that I could make magic Santa keys(you know, the key Santa uses to get into your house when you don't have a chimney) I never knew how I was going to approach the project so it had been on hold until Joyce had such a fabulous idea.

I hope to sculpt elf heads out of paperclay and adorn them with elf hats and all sorts of festive things. The first head is nearly completed now I just need to adorn it.

New play dough collections! I added a mermaid collection to my etsy shop and will soon add a Pirate! Collection. Play dough really has become my mainstay during the year and I love coming up with the different collections. My little quality control elf has been having great fun taste testing (ICK!) and playing with the new play dough. He highly recommends them all!;O)

Lastly, a feather tree for my show table. Another creative soul came up with this design and since it was so darn inexpensive(less than $10!) I thought I would give it a try! Here is a link to the original blogpost.

I've also been trying to write. I'm up to three books that need to be penned (2 children's and 1 adult novel) I have already lined up more Kindreds for my artist feature. I'm so excited to share these folks with you, there are truly some amazingly creative folks out there!

See you soon!


Athena said...

You have a lot on your plate-- good luck with it all! I keep up-to-date with you through Facebook, but it's nice to see you blogging, too.:)

Hope you and the wee one are feeling better soon!

SpiritMama said...

Your elf head is wonderful, I'd like to see the finished product.
Waxela (wa-shay-la)
aka SpiritMama