Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010!

I cannot believe that it is the eve of a new year!

I cannot believe that it has been a month and a half since I've posted anything! It is the busiest time of the year for me since I do more business in that time on etsy and also participate in a local juried art show. Then add in the holidays and well...need I explain my absence any longer?

Here is a short update of what is happening in Elfland.

We love the new house. Even more so the ability to go outside and play every day. We had a house party in November and I must admit the house sure fills up quickly but the layout is great and, come summer, the backyard will be the perfect place to celebrate birthdays.

The Dharma dog decided that she likes to take self guided tours of the new neighborhood. I halfheartedly wished she'd get permanently lost the first time she took off. I had the little one to tend to and couldn't go traipsing through the neighborhood trying to catch her crazy @$$. (That and when I yelled her name she doubled down and took off faster. GRRRR.........) Unfortunately, she found her way home, not as stupid as I thought she was.

Our one and only car has become rather unreliable. We think it has an electrical problem. Needless to say it is rather stressful not knowing if the car will start in the morning or not! Luckily, my husband can take the bus to work but we still have to get him to the park n ride!

The show at Laurel School that I participate in every year was a huge success. I met a couple of ladies that are starting another show next year and so I hope to participate in that one also as well as 2 others(although I haven't identified which those would be)

I am currently putting together a craft book with all the patterns and directions to make the candy ornaments. I also started writing the little elf book and realized that I have 2 books that need to be written not just the one. I hope to have the first elf book completed as well as the craft book sometime this coming year(2010) I will self publish through Lulu and will keep you posted as to any developments.

I have started to look at going back to school. Engineering is the field I'm thinking of tackling. I have 20+ years of retail management experience but I think all would agree with the current economy, a job in retail is not the most secure field to be in. If anything happened to my husband, it would be very difficult for me to earn a living that would support both me and my child. Plus, I've pretty much had it with retail. I've done my time, it's time to move on! I am waiting for my catalog to arrive from the local community college. I look forward to learning and hope that, financially, everything will fall into place.

My son is definitely 2. Terrible is becoming his middle name. He's not the biggest terror in the world but he definitely is trying my patience and trying to assert his independence! He has been spending an awful lot of time sitting on the chair. As a matter of fact, he actually sends himself there every now and again. I hear him say " sit right there , don't move!" I must admit I have to chuckle. ( oh and he's learned the word 'idiot' from his mommy yelling at the dog, oops!)

Oh well, that's about all the news here. I hope to have some new items to share towards the middle of January( paper clay sculptures) but I also need to get our taxes together so that we can file as early as possible this year (it's awfully sad when your tax return becomes your safety net! Car repairs are not cheap!)

Have a Very Happy (and SAFE) New Year!
May each and everyone of us be blessed with prosperity and joy this new year and in the years to come!


PJ said...

wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year as well!


Amy Lilley Designs said...

great glad that you all love the new house..a bless-ed, safe and healthy New Year to you all...:))

Athena said...

Nice to see a blog update from you! Sounds like you've been busy with your work, and will continue to. Good luck with your car, and the classes! :)