Friday, January 16, 2009


It is FRIGID! With the wind chill this morning it is -31. Without the windchill it was -12. WTH!!!
I love winter and I don't mind cold but this is ridiculous!! I haven't left the house for days. Well unless you consider taking the dog out for her daily constitutional a few times a day, but there's no dilly dallying around, it's out, do your business, back in! Speaking of Dharma was a drama queen this morning, she did her business but on the way back to the house she started limping. Now, don't worry we were out there for less than 3 minutes, but her little paws must have numbed up. We got back in the house and within a minute she was back to her old self. I must admit though(and I'm saying this because I know she is okay) it was humorous! But I'm sad today because we've got great snow but we can't go out and play in it. It figures, the first playable snow of the season and we are stuck inside!!

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